Why choose Cita

Providing Strategic Advice

“We provide strategic advice to departments and project implementation units on how to develop and implement learning strategies to advance their corporate priorities and goal realisation.”

Delivering Best Management Practices

“We capture the best and latest in public sector management practices to share across the public service and to encourage best practices and implementation.”

Acting As A Learning Clearing House

Nullam arcu onsectetur adipiscing elit. “Create a high quality marketplace for learning solutions from varied sources by setting standards, accrediting courses, evaluating learning products and publicly reporting all learner feedback on core outcomes and lessons learned.”

Measuring And Reporting Outcome

“Measure and report on learning undertaken and results achieved across the public sector, NGO, and civil society groups to assess knowledge acquired towards the relevance of best practices in the work place.”

Customised Outreach & In-House Training Programme

“To provide an affordable and cost effective training budget to organisations in the public sector for group training to be undertaken in the clients country or directly in-house.”

Providing Foundational Capacities

“Design and deliver courses that are foundational and relevant for the public sector institutions (e.g orientation at all levels, training on best administrative benchmarks, professional and leadership development within all the functional areas of any institutional setting).”